January 28th, 2015 7:07am

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    Pueblo County GOP Central Committee

 Organizational Meeting

Election of Officers and Bonus Members

Tuesday, February 10th

Montgomery Steward -1317 N Main

Credentialing will begin at 4:45 PM meeting at 6 PM

It is time for election of Pueblo GOP officers! Current officers are Becky Mizel, Chairman, Jerry Denney, Vice Chairman and Cheri Armstrong, Secretary and sitting Bonus Members. Jerry Denney is an open seat, Becky Mizel's decision to rerun is pending.

You are a voting member of the Pueblo GOP Central Committee if you are a currently registered republican, a member of the Executive Committee- Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, a Bonus Member, Currently elected official and precinct captains who were voted in at caucus in 2012  - two per precinct, some have only one. 

The evening after you are credentialed at the check in table,you will receive a badge - people who are not Central Committee members will receive a visitor badge and will not receive a ballot, we ask for ease of voting and to decrease confusion for visitors to be seated on the left far side of the room. 

Members running for office do not need to be members of the Central Committee however must live in Pueblo County and be a registered Republican. If you wish for you name to appear on the ballot please contact me by Friday, February 6th, 9AM. Nominations will also be taken from the floor.

 Proxy ballots will be accepted only from Central Committee members, if you would like a proxy form please contact me. 

If you would like a list of Central Committee members so you may campaign-please contact me and I will provide it. 

Open Seats: Jerry Denney Vice Chairman, Cheri Armstrong, Secretary - thank you for your service!!

Declared candidates (in order of notification)

Becky Mizel - Chair, Victor Head- Vice Chair,

Normagene Ricci- Secretary,

 Brenda Bright -Bonus Member,  Dr. Tom Ready - Bonus Member

Anita Stapleton- Bonus Member, Michael Hume-Bonus Member


Upcoming Events & GOTV

Interesting in refining your speaking skills? Join our in-house PCRP Toastmasters Style meetings the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month. PCRP HQ 108 Lincoln 12:00. The meetings begin promptly and end at 1:00 PM. Dan Centa and Arnie Van Zandt are the dynamic duo that lead our meetings! Next meeting is 

January 28th





Please e-mail pueblogop@gmail.com with any upcoming events.

How well has the current Democratic leadership

in Pueblo done?

Check out the growing list of CLOSED Businesses

Paul’s Great American Deli 2 locations

Hollywood Video

Blockbuster Video

M & M Foods

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Furr’s Cafeteria

Kmart south

PT’s Wings and Ribs

Dee’s Flowers

Hugh Clum, Architect

Carrinos Italian Grill

Jack in the Box (South)

La Renaissance Restaurant

LaCasita Mexican Grill

Old Navy (

Down Beat


Poppy Seed
40 Thieves Hooka
Mandarin Chinese 29th
Huber's Flowers
MARS Pet Food IndustrialPark
Liquor Store Midtown
Tafoya's Gold PW
The Shoe Dept
Picasso's Italian Grill
Fun Yogurt
Marble Slab
Lens Crafter's Pueblo Mall
Vision Works Regent Shopping Center
Family Dollar Regent Shopping Center
Bistro Colorado City
Murnie's Spices Oils and Vinegars
The Ranchman
Home Cafe
Aguilar Truck Stop
Pinon Truck Stop
Flower and Herb Garden
Penguin Tuxedo Shop
Planet Smoothie
Soon to close A&W Rootbeer
Pueblo Keva Juice